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Using Recycled Boxes for a move

Using Recycled Boxes For a Move

 The deterioration of the earth's environment and our planet on a whole has caused many people to become more conscious of saving the earth in any way that they can. Many have been opting for a more "greener" lifestyle which would allow them to conserve energy and protect our resources as well.One good way to contribute to saving the earth is by recycling. Recycling has become the easiest way for one to do his part in helping the environment. We live in a world where thousands of people are relocating from one place to another almost everyday. Of course with every move packaging such as a box is very much in demand. For those of you who are moving office or a house soon, you too can assist the environment if you start using recycled boxes. Not only is using a recycled moving boxes more cost-effective but by using it you are also saving the trees while preserving lots of water.Moving companies are aware of the need to preserve our planet and most of them have started to offer their customers the use of recycled boxes so that they can move. Most of these boxes are in bought from box manufacturing companies and these boxes usually have unnoticeable defects or may even have handwritten information on them but that does not stop them from being very durable for your use.In addition, after you have finished using these recycled boxes, some companies would allow you to sell your boxes and make some much-needed money. There are quite a few moving companies that are allowing their customers to return their boxes after they have moved. These customers would be rewarded with money for every box returned.While there isn't a fixed price for these boxes, most of the moving companies would re-purchase the boxes either at full price or they would pay a reduced percentage for them.Of course, there are other ways in which you can put that old moving box to good use. Some moving companies would actually allow you to take a bigger size box if you leave one that is not the size that you desire for moving. And to further save the environment, there are some companies that would allow you to rent a box.Even if you are moving and do not have boxes to do so or does your moving company supply them, you can always visit your local supermarket where they may have extra boxes. The worst that could happen is that you may have to purchase new boxes. If it comes to that, make sure that they are durable and made from recycled materials.Boxes aside, you should try to use other materials that would help to protect the environment when you move. You can think about using recycled newspapers to wrap up your glass dishes and other things on your moving day. There are even recycled bubble wrap, paper towels and even plastic wrap that you can use to package your items.

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Moving Boxes

 You can easily compare moving boxes with shipping boxes. They have the same quality and have the same weight unless you buy some specially made box from cardboard that allows packing heavier items. Most common question that people have in their minds is, should we buy special moving boxes or should we just take some boxes from grocery stores. Ask your friends or family members who have just recently moved.If you decide to buy moving boxes, then you should use the tips below, when the choice is made.Type of BoxesPurchase small moving boxes. They should not be overweighted. The packed box should weight less than 50lbs. Please consider the fact that you might need to move those boxes by yourself. It doesn't matter if you are hiring movers or not, you will need to move those boxes, from one room to another. Make sure that you can lift them up. Boxes that contain some kitchen items can be heavier. Remember, 50lbs is the limit for a small moving box.The next is 4.5 cubic foot moving box(medium boxes). Its parameters are 18 x 18 x 24 and you can safely carry up to 65 lbs. It's perfect for some large lamps or any other kitchen items.Then there is a 6.0 cubic foot large moving box. It can carry up to 70 lbs. Its parameters are 22 x 22 x 21. It's advised to be careful with packing this box because they might be very heavy at the end. This box is usually used for toys, pillows and couch cushions.This next box is so called 6.1 cubic foot extra large moving box. It's a bit larger than 6.0 moving box and it has been used for items that can fit into the 6.0 moving boxes. The box is 24 x 18 x 24. MORE...

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How To Protect The Environment When You Move

 There is no doubt about it that everyone has become quite concerned with the state of the environment and our planet. Most are doing all that they can to conserve it and one way of doing that is by preserving the earth by going green and using more natural products in all that we do. Today every industry and company is striving to become more eco-friendly. With most of the industries and not to mention private companies going green, the moving business is not too far behind.One would be surprised to how much they can conserve when they decide on an eco-friendly move. One of the first things that you should do when moving from one place to another is to try to locate a moving company that has gone green. This company would more than likely utilize a bio-diesel truck to move you from point A to point B. When you opt for biodiesel over traditional carbon fuels, you reduce carbon emissions by as much as 74%.You can also contribute to saving the planet by reusing packing materials. A huge amount of the paper and cardboard that people use is thrown directly into the trash; in fact, a third of the trash we generate every year is paper and corrugated cardboard. Instead of throwing out your cardboard, if you know you’ll be moving soon, start saving boxes from the mail and stores. If you don’t have time to build up a box stash, go around to local stores to ask for moving boxes. More...

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When to Use Bubble Wrap for Packing and Moving

 Just about anything can be wrapped in bubble wrap, but if the item is so heavy that it pops the bubbles it will be relatively useless in protecting it. Items such as artwork and anything breakable should be wrapped in bubble wrap, alternately styrofoam packing peanuts can be used but, anyone who has ever used these knows how messy they can be.The bubbles on the bubble wrap should face the inside. This helps distribute the weight of the item so the bubbles are less likely to pop. There are many different sizes of bubbles, as a general rule, bigger bubbles are safer for your belongings than little ones. The bigger bubbles take up more space in the boxes as well, this keeps items from moving around during shipping.There are items you will want to use bubble wrap for in lieu of newspaper or peanuts.

  • Mirrors - One of the items most likely to break. A duct tape "X" should be put across the mirror to keep it from shattering. Then wrap it in bubble wrap and either wrap it again in a thick blanket or put it in its own box labeled "fragile". There shouldn't be anything hard placed in with the mirror but, pillows or blankets can be packed around it for extra cushioning.
  • Paintings - Whether they have a glass pane or not they should be wrapped to prevent scratches or breakage. More than one can be placed together as long as there is packaging between them.
  • Wine bottles and glasses - These should be wrapped with about 2" of bubble wrap around them. If multiple items are placed in the same box, place them so the thickness of the items alternates, mouth to the base. This prevents them from moving. Place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box before placing your items inside.
  • Statues - If they are heavy, they should not be placed with smaller, more delicate statues. Once again, if they are placed in boxes be sure to mark them clearly as "fragile". It there is a narrow part, be sure to give it extra padding as the thin areas tend to be more delicate.
  • Appliances - Just because they are big, doesn't mean they can't break. Wrapping your fridge, dishwasher and microwave in bubble wrap also prevents them from damaging other items. If your microwave has a rotating ceramic or glass plate inside be sure to remove it and pack it separately. If they are staying on the dolly, wrap them securely with bubble wrap to keep them on the dolly and prevent them from sliding off.
  • Plants - While you don't want to wrap the actual plant in bubble wrap, pots, and planters, especially the clay ones, should be wrapped in bubble wrap to keep the pot from breaking and soil from spilling.
  • Dishes - Be sure to put the heavier dishes at the bottom. Each dish should be wrapped individually. Unlike glasses, they should all face the same way and lay flat, not vertically. Pad the sides with extra bubble wrap.
  • Electronics - Anything that won't be carried with you, such as a flat screen TV, desktop computer, DVD players, etc. Should be wrapped like it is a dish. Place a layer or two of bubble wrap on the bottom and place them in its own box. Fill up the extra space with more wrap.Other tips:
  • When you're done packing a box, before sealing it up, give it a gentle shake to make sure there is little to no movement of your items.
  • Buying in bulk before you start packing will save you money. If there is any left over, the remainder can be used for arts and crafts or to make a bubble wrap dress.
  • For items that aren't fragile or breakable, can be placed together in a sheet of bubble wrap.

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How to Pack Dishes and Glassware When Moving

 Packing clothes, furniture, and work or school supplies is one thing, but packing glassware is another. Glassware is the most delicate object at home and these items should be handled with special care; otherwise, they’ll be shattered to pieces. And you don’t want that for your intricately decorated crystal saucers and crystal clear glass bowls, right?Delicate they may be, but glassware can be packed without that much difficulty. However, you have to put extra effort to make sure they are safe for moving and transportation along with other items. Also, glassware has the highest risk of being damaged during moving or shipping. The following are helpful tips on how to pack glassware:Prepare plenty of newspapers and/or bubble wraps.
Bubble wraps or newspapers are the most important materials that you need when packing glassware. Bubble wraps are more recommended. One layer of these wraps, or of newspapers, may not be enough for packing glassware. You might need two to three layers of bubble wraps or newspapers to pack each glass item.When packing though, make sure that you place together similar objects like cups, plates, or glasses in one box. More...

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Household Moving and Packing Tips

 Moving is typically a long process. If you intend on moving yourself, as most people do, you should ensure that you have an ample amount of time. The preferred amount of time should be about six weeks. This will allow for planning and preparation.Where should you get started?1: Determine what you think is valuable enough to move with you and what you can get rid of. If you have a habit of holding on to things that you will never use again, these are things that can be left behind or sold in a garage sale.2: Start storing the items you will need to move. Things like boxes are sometimes difficult to come by. You should start collecting them now so that you will have enough by the time you are ready to walk out the door.3: Start packing the items that are not essential. At this point, you can start packing away pictures on the walls, a lot of your rarely used plates, bowls, and cups. There are numerous things that you will not need within the next six weeks and you should start getting those into the boxes you are saving. More...

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