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Save Over 50% on Moving Boxes & Moving  Supplies. Eco Friendly, Industrial Strength, Recycled Moving boxes delivered. 

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Our Used Moving Boxes

Environmentally friendly moving boxes.

Environmentally Friendly Moving Boxes

The suppliers of our used moving boxes are manufacturers or distributors that either make or use high-quality boxes. All of our moving boxes meet the standard guidelines for corrugated boxes. The moving boxes you receive may have been gently used once by our list of qualified companies, brand new boxes, manufacturer overruns, misprints, and liquidated boxes. Thanks to our relationships with the manufacturers, distributors and large companies who unpack millions of boxes a year, Used Boxes Toronto able to recycle those boxes and save you over 50% on moving boxes and moving supplies. 

Our Used moving boxes will work as good as new Guaranteed! 

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Standard Fast Free 1-3 Day Delivery on all Moving Packages, Box Builder Packages and orders over $50.00.

$10.00 delivery charge applies to orders under $50.00. Sorry, our distribution center is not open to the public. 

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Business Solutions

Hundreds of different sizes in stock at volume discount pricing.


Our Re-Used recycling program offers companies an alternative to having to purchase Brand new and expensive cardboard boxes. Our environmentally friendly program reduces your companies carbon footprint and will save thousands of dollars in shipping cost. Contact Used Boxes Toronto Business Services.

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